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Best thing?
Great music, a nice cup of tea and Photoshop!
And there goes my social life...

This is my personal journal.
If you want to see my icons,textures,banners,etc.,please go to

I love Photoshop and maybe that's why I'm here, to learn, to share and write random thoughts I guess.
If you find your link here (or my community)is because I really enjoy your work, I belong to that community...Or it could also be because I downloaded something you made.
And something else,sorry if sometimes my "ingles" is not that good.I write the best way I can.
Thanks to everyone again for sharing what you do/know. There's so much artistic passion in all of you! I just love that.
I don't bite so add me as a friend if you want to!

Ok, so I have rules too, just like everyone else...
1.Do not hotlink to my icons,big nono.You'll go straight to hell and see my face in your dreams everynight if you do.
2.Don't claim anything I do as yours.Respect and you'll be respected,that's it.
3.I you take something,comment.I love comments!
4.If you take something you must credit me.I don't care where, it's true.Unless I stated otherwise.
5.Have fun!


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